Contemporary Elegance

Celeste Dell’Anna’s contemporary interiors present an exciting and engaging scene, evoking a reaction in all who view them. By combining the energy and cutting edge techniques of the modern era with the refined elegance of traditional proportions these interiors created a rarefied yet vibrant atmosphere for living. 

New Country

The country is freedom, where we can escape from the urban environment and its grey, hard materials. We can embrace nature and relax as a true version of ourselves. Celeste Dell’Anna’s New Country styling’s create an atmosphere of robust, indulgent intimacy where warmth radiates from every image.   

Modern Classical

Our classical forerunners knew very well how to create buildings and stages of perfect proportions on which to play out their lives. The rules that underpin these old world wonders still inform Celeste Dell’Anna’s designs today. However they are made modern and dynamic with flourishes of elaborate detail that create a soothing, sophisticated atmosphere.

Traditional Opulence

Interiors possess personality and life that should be a reflection of their inhabitants. Celeste Dell’Anna possesses an in-depth knowledge of historical architecture and traditional styling as well as a the skill to balance opulent details.  These qualities ensure that interiors delivered in this style by Celeste Dell’Anna are unparalleled within the industry. 

Artistic Visuals

Communicating a vision to the Client can be one of the greatest challenges that a designer faces. Celeste Dell’Anna create beautiful, emotive renders through a combination of traditional hand sketches and digital design. In this way the atmosphere and texture of a Celeste Dell’Anna vision is projected beyond a two dimensional piece of paper.