Celeste dellanna

The Designer

“Life is a movie – we must live it with enthusiasm. I design sets that are a reflection of the personality of my clients.” 

Like the most adept films Celeste Dell’Anna’s designs are engaging, emotive and affirming – each one a reflection of his client’s life. And like every great director Celeste is a naturally gifted and empathetic storyteller. From an early age his deep-rooted passion for fine art and antiques has driven him to succeed and this connection to aesthetics is a fundamental part of his character. Celeste Dell’Anna’s significant contributions to Italian high design have helped assure his position at the top of the industry. It is with open arms that he invites clients into his vibrant world.

As well as a lifelong love affair with the traditional, Celeste reveres the new, and with 30 years experience his creations – from the sumptuous to the serene – are timeless. With an international outlook and a determination to develop fresh designs from past idioms, he brings together the old and the new in vivid synthesis. His understanding of form and function is intuitive; designs are equally as intelligent as they are pleasing to the eye. Enlisting an army of Italian artisans, Celeste places craftsmanship as central to his philosophy; each design bespoke and tailored to the requirements at hand. 

Above all, Celeste is an innovator. With much of his time spent criss-crossing continents in search of the extraordinary, he is continually adding to his collection of striking objets d’art. He is one of the world’s most imaginative curators, and it is this dazzling array of pieces, along with his innate theatricality, that bring the unexpected to every project.

But what truly sets Celeste apart is his ability to determine clients’ desires and aspirations. His understanding of their lifestyle and its intricacies means that his designs are impressive but underpinned by practicality. His environments serve to make life both more glamorous and effortless, possessing foresight in their combination of beautiful appearance and understated function.

“No matter how original the solutions or eclectic the choices, for me the client is the measure of all things. Whatever the scene, they are always centre stage.” 

After completing studies in Art, Industrial Design and Architecture Celeste first worked with Gianni Quaranta (Oscar-winner for the film A Room with a View) and collaborations with Renzo Mongiardino followed. Then, in 1983, he opened his own practice, Studio Dell’Anna, in Milan.

Today, with his team of designers and architects in Milan’s Via Montebello and London’s Chelsea Harbour, Studio Dell’Anna handles a portfolio of prestigious projects for international royalty, luxury commercial brands and ultra-high-net-worth individuals in the UK, Europe, USA and the Middle East. Current work in progress includes private residences in St Moritz, Zurich, London and Costa Smeralda. Additional projects include a historical and prestigious palace in North Italy as well as bringing his unique brand of elegance to the exclusive resort of Oil Nut Bay, British Virgin Islands.